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Thoughts on Steve Jobs' "Thoughts on Flash"

First, let me say that I'm thrilled that Apple finally decided to say something --anything!-- publicly about the topic. Living behind a curtain like that only leads to speculation, and that only leads to worse speculation, which leads to dissent. I know that I've personally started to feel some dissent because of the secrecy; so I'm hoping that more transparency will make things clearer, for better or worse...

Published 2010-04-29 @ 12:52 in Adobe Apple Flash

Adobe Community Professional

Woot, more resumé fodder! [Note to my employer: Not that I'm looking! ;)]

Today I found out that I'm among those selected to join the Adobe Community Professionals program (formerly Community Experts, aka A.C.E. -- but there was a conflict with Adobe Certified Experts, thus the change).

I took over as manager of Philly CFUG last October, and through that I've been working on my stage-freight and hopefully helping the Philly CF community start to re-awaken. I'm working on my own presentations, submitting topics for conferences and CFUG meetings, and still working as a copy editor for FAQU, which I personally hope finds a way to get back into print as the economy stabilizes.

2010 is going to be a great year. I'm just glad I get to go along for the ride.

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Resolving Apache/ColdFusion connection error in MAMP Pro

I've been using MAMP Pro for a while to do local ColdFusion development on my Macbook. It makes installing, configuring, and connecting Apache, MySQL, and (shudder) PHP an absolute breeze. And with a little bit of know-how, you can add ColdFusion into the mix to make a stack that is not only easy to use, but fun. When I was consulting, it was well worth the $60 pricetag to be able to use multiple hostnames, but if you only need 1 hostname or are perfectly happy to work out of subfolders of http://localhost/, then the free version of MAMP would be fine for you.

I'm not going to show you how to install ColdFusion 9 into MAMP Pro, because there is already a great video that shows how to install ColdFusion 8 into MAMP Pro, and the install process for CF9 is not different enough to warrant a whole new video by itself. Instead, I'm going to show you how to fix an error that I consistently ran into during the installation process detailed in that video.

At right around the 19 minute mark of that video, the presenter has completed installing ColdFusion and configured MAMP to connect to it; so he restarts his MAMP services to give it a go. At this point, I get the error:

Start Apache failed
Apache wasn't able to start. Please check log for more information.

How do you fix this? Well, why don't I show you?

If this version is too small, you can view it full screen, or you can watch the HD copy on Vimeo.

Hopefully this proves helpful to others out there that want to run CF9 on MAMP or MAMP Pro. I know it drove me nuts for a while.

Published 2009-10-28 @ 09:32 in Adobe Apple ColdFusion

Another angle on the Flash for iPhone announcement

Previously I wrote about my own feelings after the announcement that Flash will soon be compileable into a native iPhone application.

Kendall Whitehouse, a fellow UPenn staff geek, was at MAX this year and has a great write-up on the situation from a business perspective. Not a whole lot of "news," per say, but definitely some interesting insight for anyone interested in the topic. Kendall also has a few sets of photos from MAX in his flickr photostream.

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