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Let's Turn the Crazy up to 11!

When I first posted about the book I'm writing, my friend Todd joked that I needed stretch goals, like a Kickstarter campaign:

And while what I'm about to announce don't really qualify as stretch goals, they do qualify as taking an idea as crazy as self-publishing a book in two weeks and allowing pre-orders during those two weeks, and turning the crazy up even further.

In addition to the eBook, which will be provided in DRM-free ePub and PDF (and probably mobi, for you kindle readers), I'm now also offering two optional add-ons:

  • A one-hour consultation with me over video chat (Skype, Hangouts,, whatever -- not picky). Ostensibly this is for us to have a concrete discussion about your REST Web API design questions, but if you want to spend the hour talking about your cat, I'll be your captive audience. Sessions will be scheduled for early 2015. (+$100)
  • An audiobook recording of yours truly reading the book to you. I know that I personally love audiobooks and podcasts: they make otherwise disconnected activities like going for a run or mowing the lawn more productive by engaging my brain at the same time. To be released in early 2015 (the more copies that sell, the more motivated I'll be to get it done quickly!) (+$25)
  • Or get both the audiobook and a consultation (in addition to your eBook) for $120

Because I have a full time job and a family, I have limited time to dedicate to these consultations, which means that I can only offer so many; and once they're gone, they're gone.

If you have already pre-ordered and would like to pick up one or both of these add-ons, just reach out to me [] and I can cancel your existing order so that you can recreate it with your desired add-ons selected.

Last night I finished writing the next-to-last chapter, all about HATEOAS. I don't want to spoil anything, but let's just say that I had not-nice things to say, and I didn't keep them to myself. My mother would be ashamed.

With my first draft of what will become the final layout and styling of the book in place, the latest edit is just under 14,000 words, spanning 76 pages. When all is said and done, I wouldn't be surprised if I cross the 100-page mark. All that's left to do now is to put together a chapter with Taffy-based examples illustrating the concepts explained in the book, and put a bow on it with a good conclusion.

I'm still a full day ahead of the schedule I set for myself -- a schedule that left about 4 days to tweak the layout and make everything pretty. Barring any major catastrophes, I'm going to be done pretty early!

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Time Is Running out to Pre-Order REST Web APIs: The Book at a Discount

It feels weird to say this, since I only started writing 7 days ago, but I only have to write two more chapters, wrap it all up with a conclusion, and then focus on formatting and making it pretty for a night or two. That's right: I'm almost done! It also means we're nearing the release date, and that's when the price is going to go up. If you want the discount, you should pre-order now.

Pre-Order Now for only $12!

Last night, after two evenings spent on it, I finished the Best Practices chapter. It turned out to be about 3,500 words spanning nearly 15 pages... and that's not including HATEOAS, which will have its own dedicated chapter. And still, this is the most concise and pragmatic book on REST that I think has ever existed.

I don't expect to convince everyone that my way is the right way, but all of my advice is based on heaps of research and informed by years and years of personal experience with every aspect of APIs: design, development, framework development, clients, client-wrappers, and 3rd party consumption. If I can help a few people learn what they need to learn to get their jobs done, then I've done my job.

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Your First Sneak Peek into REST Web APIs: The Book

This is another update in my ongoing saga:

Adam is writing a book, and you should buy it! And you totally should. Buy it, that is. Especially if you think you will need it sooner or later: The price is only $12 if you pre-order now, and will be increased to $19 once it has been released.

As you can see in the below Trello screen shot, the first completed chapter is called "Webster's Dictionary defines REST as..." (a cheeky title for the REST 101 crash-course chapter), in which I will take you from knowing absolutely nothing about REST to being able to at least hold a conversation about it. You'll get all of the necessary vocabulary and have a loose grasp of what is included in RESTful requests and responses; and why REST is popular.

The two chapters I finished tonight are: "Some History, If You Want It" and "Close to the Metal." The first is a summary of the history of REST and AJAX (because why not?), and I also start to dive into what makes REST confusing at times: Controversy!

It sounds good on paper when you’re only writing about the concept, but when you start to implement it you find yourself asking questions to which Fielding has conveniently failed to provide an answer.

"Close to the Metal" is a look at some raw HTTP requests and responses. First, a regular web page, then a REST request.

Both of these chapters ended up being on the brief side — A good thing, I think. I'm not aiming to fill your day with reading, I want a streamlined and pragmatic explanation of everything you need to know, and nothing you don't. If you've been meaning to learn what all the REST hype is about, now is your chance:

Pre-Order Now for only $12!

I'm up to 3,800 words and 17 pages, with 3 chapters complete and 5 left to go, plus an introduction and conclusion. One of those chapters in particular — the one on Best Practices — has a monster of an outline, and that's after I split HATEOAS into its own chapter. I might have to split something else out, too. I can't have one chapter take up fully one third of my book. Or maybe I can... Would anyone notice?

When I laid out the schedule, my plan was to write one chapter per night (two nights for the Best Practices chapter). This had me finishing writing on Sunday the 14th, with the remaining days set aside for editing copy and polishing the final product... plus room for slippage. I'm thrilled to be ahead of schedule, but as a programmer I know that it won't last.

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34 Hours In: Almost Ready to Start Writing

"Wait, you haven't written anything yet?" I hear you asking. Well... no. I haven't. We'll come back to that in a second.

What has happened so far is that I've almost completed outlining the book, gathering links to information I'll draw on, and links for further-reading should you want it. As they say in the cooking industry: My Mise en Place. And I would be further —maybe a chapter or so done— but the wife and I were still an episode behind on Sons of Anarchy last night (the penultimate episode of the final season!) and this is all I have to say about that: OMG.

Anyway, back on topic: Yes, I haven't actually written anything yet... in book form. You see, I've been writing about REST and presenting on it for years now. I have half a dozen or so slide decks, dozens of blog posts, and a whole mailing list full of advice I've been giving out. The book is kind of a way to take all of that content, gather it up in one place, strip it down to just the bits that matter, and present it in a well organized fashion.

The writing should start tonight, after I finish outlining the last chapter: Concrete Examples using Taffy. I'm so excited to finally get to work on the finished product. I'm not usually one to be super-organized going into things. In high school I often wrote and turned in the outline after having already completed the paper that was to be the end result. This time 'round I've worked hard to be diligent about being organized and methodical.

Don't forget: Pre-ordering REST Web APIs: The Book gets you a significant discount. Buy it now for $12 before the price goes up to $19 at release!

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