Adam Tuttle


In my free time, I like to work on open source projects. Some are my own, some are contributions to other people's projects.

Mango Plugins

As early as January of 2010, I started submitting patches for the Mango Blog core, and since then I've become a committer on the project. I run several blogs powered by Mango, and I have found that the plugin architecture is quite powerful. In order to better my own experience, as well as that of my readers, and other bloggers, I've developed quite a few Mango plugins. In no particular order, they are:


Adds tweetback functionality to Mango.

Related Entries

Probably the most-requested Mango plugin, ever! Shows list of related entries at the end of blog posts.

Log Viewer

View & delete logs from the comfort of Mango admin. Very handy tool for Mango plugin developers.


Add email subscriptions to your Mango blog.

Popular Posts

Add a pod to display popular posts from your blog.


Enhances the Mail Utility in Mango, adding BCC and more mail-server settings.


FeedBurner feed url replacement


Adds Lightbox2 support to Mango. Developed with Mark Aplet.


Convert dashes and elipses to their prettier alternatives. Uses Seb Duggan's SmartType project. Does NOT convert quotes to curly-quotes!

Other Projects

In addition to working on plugins for Mango, I also have found myself writing some software to make my own life easier. Those projects are:


Taffy is a lightweight, simple, convention-over-configuration ColdFusion framework for writing RESTful web services. It has been compared to Jersey (JAX-RS), a similar project for Java.

Squish It!

Squish It! is a pair of custom tags that use the Combine project to combine and minify JavaScript and CSS in a very easy to use and maintainable manner.


SweetTweetsCFC is a component that lets you add tweetback functionality to your blog in a single line of CFML. It is also highly configurable, and handles caching and multiple output formats. See the series of blog posts for more information.

IIS Virtual Directory Manager

A component that allows you to create, list, and delete IIS Virtual Directories.

Model-Glue 2 Cheat Sheet

Pretty self-explanatory, right?

Flash Multi-File Upload

Developed with Flex, and works around the flash session bug. See the original blog post for all of the implementation details.

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