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Creating QR Codes with ColdFusion (without Google's API)

Whenever I need to create QR codes, I just use Google's API. But occasionally, you might decide that the volume of QR codes you want to generate would be prohibitive or too slow. In cases like that, you simply can't use a 3rd party API like the one Google provides.

Thankfully, there's a JAR for that, and Tim Cunningham has gone to the trouble of putting it together as an open source project, QRToad. Love the name, Tim!

So if you need to create QR Codes from ColdFusion, now you can.

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About 5 years ago I researched the idea of embedding QR codes into outbound faxes being sent via a 3rd party faxing service (I would send an html email with an embedded jpg to the service, they would fax it to a customer). The intent was that I could embed internal database codes to tie the outbound email to a particular customer's order. When the customer replied via fax with the QR code embedded I could automate the reply and tie it back to the original outbound fax and hence the order in question.

Sadly, the jar files at the time were either a pain to use for an on java programmer, required lots of installation hassles, or more often required $200-600 purchases of proprietary solutions.

Anyone know of a simple to use tool to generate and READ QR codes that we could use with CF with minimal installation hassles and zero cost (without having a 3rd party system like Google since this could be a firewall issue in a corporate environment).

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