Adam Tuttle

Hackathon BOF at CFObjective (Need your votes!)

I was perusing the list of proposed CFObjective BOF's over the weekend, and was struck with an idea for one I should submit:

A Hackathon to continue fleshing out CFScript Community Components.

Not sure what a BOF is? Jason Dean has a great description on his blog. And since this BOF would really be a micro-hackathon, I'll add this: They're scheduled to be after dinner, so you'll be well fed and happy, possibly a little inebriated if that's your thing. The plan is: gather, talk about which tags we're most interested in writing, and simply sit down and code them up... in the company of your fellow community members. That's it. That's what a Hackathon is. At the end of the night, or whenever you're finished, you can submit a pull request to the project on GitHub, and I will be forever in your debt. (Maybe not forever. I couldn't do that for certain people... like Jason Dean.)

So if you've ever thought that you might want to contribute a tag or two, but you don't know the first thing about Git, this is a good opportunity. We can either give you a crash course in just enough git to participate, or just set it up for you. Either way, we'll try to make it as low-friction as possible and get out of your way so you can make script happen!

But of course, this is predicated on the BOF being selected. Please go to the CFObjective site (you'll have to login with your twitter account) and vote for this BOF (and any others you find interesting); and hey, if the urge strikes you, submit one of your own!

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