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Happy 5th Blog Birthday To Me

It's hard to believe but this blog is one of the most consistent things I've done online, ever. I don't have the post frequency or count of, say, Ben Nadel or Ray Camden, but I've not gone a single month without posting on this blog for the last 5 years. (I even came up with what I consider to be a clever way of navigating old entries by month in a grid format, which clearly illustrates this trend.)

I've been on this domain since July 23rd 2007, but for almost a year prior I was using WordPress installed in a sub-folder on a now-defunct blog, on a domain I recently allowed to expire. Ah, memories.

At any rate, here's to 5 years, and hopefully many more to come!

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Raymond Camden

Raymond Camden

Happy "Blogaversy" (eewwww horrible word ;). Remember, it's quality, not quantity! :)
Sam Farmer

Sam Farmer

Nice going Adam and I admire your ability to post every month. We started about the same time (my first post was April 1, 2007) but I have missed quite a few months in there. Here's to more quality blogging.

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