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I Cast Magic Missile on CFObjective

As I mentioned yesterday, I will be organizing D&D for the Games BOF at CFObjective. Here's a little bit more detail on what to expect and what you need to bring.

We're in the second BOF time slot so that we can play indefinitely into the night. We'll play until we start falling asleep or until they kick us out of the room, whichever comes first. If we're all still going strong and we get kicked out, we may even try to find an alternate space to continue playing.

Here's how it's going to work: We'll have a stack of pre-rolled characters of each class, so you don't need to bring anything except yourself and maybe your favorite pencil. If you've got dice/etc feel free to bring them. Oh and if you have a token/minifig for your character, that would probably be helpful too. But again, nothing is required... just show up and we'll try to accommodate you!

We originally had a volunteer DM, but he is unfortunately not able to make it to the conference this year. If you would like to volunteer in his place, please contact me!

See you there!

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andy matthews

andy matthews

Sounds like fun. Haven't played D&D for 25 years or something like that.
Larry C. Lyons

Larry C. Lyons

Sigh I wish I was going. I used to DM regularly.

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