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Upgrade your Flex knowledge to 4.5

I'm thrilled to announce that after a lot of hard work writing, editing, and re-writing, an article that I wrote is now live on the Adobe Developer Connection: A Flex 3 developer's introduction to Flex 4.5 and Flash Builder 4.5

In the article I give a (very) brief overview of most of the changes and new features between Flex 3.x and 4.5 and between Flex Builder 3 and Flash Builder 4.5. If I covered everything in depth then the article would be longer than you would want to read and longer than I want to write -- so I stuck with an overview of each change/addition, and then tried to provide links for further reading if a topic is of particular interest or importance to you.

I hope you find it useful!

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Alirio Boquin Aguilar

Alirio Boquin Aguilar

Thank you

A really good preview, to help people to star with Burrito!

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